That Day I Compared Myself to A Dirty Car

Pulling this one out of the archives, thanks to a reader who discovered it recently. This was a good reminder to live life your own way.

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I’ve only been on this beautiful earth for a mere 23 years, but, in that time, I find that I’ve learned quite a bit about life.

This is sounding so melodramatic.


Today has been a strange day. It hasn’t been a bad day by any means. It’s actually been great. The morning, for example, began with iced coffee and donuts for my coworker whose last day is today. That’s a fun thing. I read, I ran errands, I bought way too many Mardi Gras costume supplies, I made plans with friends, I bought makeup, I wrote, I grocery shopped, and now I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing about my feelings. Because I’m having them. A lot of them. And instead of either drinking a bottle of wine or settling into a yoga inversion, I’ve decided to flex my writing muscle. I think that’s been a good choice on…

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