May is Mental Health Awareness Month, And This is Why You Should Care

Helloooooooo, and happy Monday to ya!

How’s it going?

The sun is out in DC today, which is nice. The wind is insanity and rain will roll in later, but, for now, I’m enjoying the brightness of the day. Sometimes life can be a little dark, can’t it?

I wanted to pop in quickly and let you all know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I actually didn’t realize that 1. it was already May and 2. it was Mental Health Awareness Month until I saw one of my friends post about it on Facebook. What she said was too great not to share.

“There are so many people who suffer silently with mental illness every day. People you know. People you love! It’s 2017 and there are so many treatment options, but people are scared, or embarrassed, or can’t afford it. How about the meaningful change we strive for in this world is to heal? Could we try it? What we are doing isn’t working.

If we all take this month to react a little slower, listen closer, be an ear, be a shoulder, or even just be present and aware of the people we interact with, we could make a legit impact. Right?

So please, read an article and maybe educate yourself just a little bit this month. Text your friend that you think might just be in a bit of a funk. Reach out to your buddies if you are that person that feels like things are falling apart. Take care of each other.

I honestly couldn’t have said it any better myself, so I didn’t even try. I just stole her words instead. If you’re reading this, Yoda, I love you. Muah.

Pay attention to your friends and family. Pay attention to yourself. Reach out, love one another, and if you or if someone you know is battling a mental illness of any kind, the most important thing you can do is be there.


All of the time.

Shower them with love.

And remember to love yourself too.

Never be afraid to reach out. There are people out there who want to listen. You are loved.

#MentalHealthAwareness #IntoMentalHealth

Looking for more information on mental health awareness? Check out NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness. 

If you need support and need it now, text “NAMI” to 741741.

Interested in registering for a program to further education yourself about mental illness? Check out these programs through NAMI. 

I love you. You’re awesome. You’re kicking ass. Keep doing life.


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